Ibrahim Al-Amin

FFC granted a legislative majority to immunize the transition: NUP

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Deputy Chairman of the National Umma Party and leading figure in the Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change (FFC) , Ibrahim Al-Amin, said that the agreement has given the (FFC) the right select 67% of the Legislative Assembly members and assigned the remaining 33% of the membership to the non signatory forces, attributing this step to the need to enable the transitional government to implement its program in the fixed time and to immunize it from any attempt to withdraw confidence from it.

In an interview with (SUNA), Dr. Al-Amin indicated that if there is a lack of confidence in the transitional government one or three weeks after its formation, the government will be shaken and the whole situation will be fully affected, therefore, it was agreed in the constitutional document that the Transitional Legislative Assembly shall include all the Sudanese spectrum, excluding those who participated in the government of the National Congress until its fall.

“We are against exclusion, as Sudan is for all the Sudanese and any person is part of us and can not be treated in a way that makes him feel isolated, and we do not want to repeat the errors of the past,” he said.

Source: SUNA

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