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Hamdouk emerges as potential Sudan’s next prime minister

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A member of the Drafting Committee and the leading figure in the forces of freedom and change, Satea al-Hajj, said that they have agreed on Mohammed Abdullah Hamdouk as prime minister for the upcoming transitional government since “Wednesday”.

He also revealed a meeting currently taking place at the National Umma Party headquarters between the components of freedom and change to finalize the nominations of the Sovereign Council.

He suggested that the five candidates for the Sovereignty Council from the forces of freedom and change are Siddiq Tower, Fadwa Abdel Rahman Ali Taha, Bakr Faisal, Taha Othman Ishaq and Montaser Al-Tayeb.

For his part, an FFC negotiator, Babiker Faisal said before leaving Cairo that he would not be among the candidates for the sovereign council.

Source: Taseti News


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