Dr. Abdullah Hamdouk during previous speech at the Arab League

S.P.A welcomes picking Hamdouk as prime minister

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The Sudanese Professionals Association (S.P.A) welcomed on Thursday the decision of the forces of freedom and change to choose Abdullah Hamdouk as prime minister for the three-year transitional period.

“We welcome this choice, and we will provide possible support to Dr. Hamdouk with an emphasis on our oversight role during the transition to full democracy, which the revolutionaries have lost their pure lives for, S.P.A said in a statement.

“We shall not compromise in any of our revolution objectives until all have been achieved, these objectives represent the essence of our glorious revolution.” He stressed that this stage is awaited and will be watched by all the Sudanese Revolutionaries with hope, S.P.A added.

It is noteworthy that the forces of freedom and change have unanimously chosen Abdullah Hamdouk as prime minister for the interim government along with Maulana Abdul Qadir Mohammed Ahmed to head the judiciary and d. Ibrahim Al Badawi for Finance Ministry and Mawlana Mohammed Al Hafiz as Attorney General.


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