Sudan’s military junta decides its options for Sovereign Assembly

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Informed sources confirmed that Sudan’s military junta has decided on its options regarding its candidates for the sovereign assembly, where it chose five of its current members.

According to the sources, Lt. Gen Abdel Fattah El Burhan will be the chairman of the assembly, with the membership of Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan “Hemetie”, Lt. Gen. Shamseddine Kabashi, Lt. Gen Yasir al-Atta and Lt. Gen. Salah Abdelkhalig among seven members of the TMC.

According to sources, (FFC) were to decide today its candidates of the sovereign assembly, the prime minister, the names of the judiciary and the attorney general in an expanded meeting that includes “the leadership council, the coordination mechanismand the high committee of nominations.”

As The technical committees of the forces of change met on Wednesday, to facilitate the choices in today’s meeting.

Source: Taseti News

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