Warning of floods after the Blue Nile level rise

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Sudan’s Blue Nile, which stems from Ethiopia, has risen and recorded an increase in al-Dem Station, Blue Nile State in southeastern Sudan to 13.55 meters, after recording a decline in the past few days, according to Sudan’s Early Warning and Mitigation Center of Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC).

In a statement, the Center stated that the rise of the Nile level “is approaching the high flood limit,” pointing out that the level has witnessed a steady rise during the last period, pointing out that there are risks expected until next Sunday, as a result of flooding in all states of Sudan.

The Center confirmed that rainfall will continue in the different states of Sudan at high to moderate rates. He also expected that the rainfall in the Ethiopian plateau will continue from medium to high, until next Sunday, which will further increase the levels of the Blue Nile in the al-Dem station.

Source: Masrawy


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