Floods in Umm Rumatta locality, White Nile State

Floods hit White Nile State in Sudan

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Floods hit White Nile State, in particular Umm Rumatta and Al-Salam localities, 21,000 homes have been destroyed, 7 people killed, the state was unable to meet the needs of those affected.

The White Nile Governor, Major General Haider al-Tarifi, during a press conference on Saturday, called on all national and humanitarian organizations to provide aid to those affected by floods and rains in a number of localities.

He pointed out that the volume of damage and losses is very big and the aid that has been provided still not enough. all components of the civil society should work together to get out of this crisis.

He noted the damage to the agricultural projects in a number of localities, as well as the death of large numbers of cattle.

Source: Baj News


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