SPLM-N official spokesman, Mubarak Ardol

The SPLM accepts the resignation of its official spokesman

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The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N) has accepted the resignation of Mubarak Ardol from his position as official spokesman of the Movement and his positions in Sudan Call and the Revolutionary Front.

A statement issued by the movement’s leader, Malik Agar, said that Ardol did not take into account the regulatory frameworks in the way he submitted his resignation, and considered it a kind of incitement, as the statement accused him of writing a number of articles to express his personal opinion, which caused a confusion within the movement.

For his part, the spokesman of the Movement, Mubarak Ardoul, confirmed that the Movement has accepted his resignation which he had submitted two days ago due to disagreements between him and the Secretary-General of the movement, “Yasir Arman.”

Ardol apologized to all his colleagues, expressing his hope that communication between them would continue outside the framework of work.


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