Clashes in Port Sudan

Nuba, Beni Amer agree on cessation of hostilities in Port Sudan

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The Paramount Chiefs of Nuba and Beni Amer tribes have signed a Cessation of Hostilities Agreement on “Sunday”, following the deadly tribal clashes between them in Port Sudan.

“I am Paramount Chief of Nuba tribe and I am the Paramount Chief of Bunni Amer tribe. We pledge to immediately cease hostilities between  Nuba, Beni Amer and Habbab tribes,”.

The Paramount Chiefs of the two tribes, confirmed in the document their commitment to raise awareness and to bring all those violate the rules to justice.

The clashes between Nuba and Beni Amer tribes broke out on August 22 in the city of Port Sudan, where 17 people were killed and dozens injured.


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