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Tawer directs leaders of Native Administration to Solve Port Sudan’s Dispute

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Member  of Sovereign Council, Prof.  Siddig Tawer directs  chieftains  in South Kordofan State  to exert efforts  to contain and stifle sedition erupted  between tribes of Beni Amer and  Nuba in Port Sudan city, capital of the Red Sea State , stressing  importance of  containment of the dispute so as  not spread to  other areas.

Tawer, who received on Saturday leaders of national administration in South Kordofan  State  who presented an initiative on resolution of the crisis in Port Sudan,  thanked the chieftains  and underlined  that their initiative  would be welcomed  by  the disputing  parties.

He directed  the chieftains  to  consider  views and ideas of youth , indicating to importance of  giving more attention to youth  and  finding solution to their problems  in order to help them to abandon the  negative phenomenon  such as  abuse of drugs and unemployment  through education, guidance  and advice.

Member of Sovereign Council  added  that  the interim government would pay attention to peace file  and issue of illegal weapons.

Source: SUNA

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