Hemeti upon his arrival to Port Sudan

Hemeti arrives PortSudan to attend reconciliation between Nuba and Beni Amer

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The member of the Sovereign Council, Mohamed Hamdan Daglo (Hemeti), arrived in Port Sudan on Sunday morning to attend the reconciliation agreement between Nuba and Beni Amer tribes.

The head of the committee of wise men and the head of the Eastern Front Mousa Mohammed Ahmed, said that the two tribes will sign a final truce in the presence of members of Sovereign Council and leaders of the country’s civil administration.

Mousa explained that the peace agreement provides for the review of reports on compensation with the advice of the parties to pay blood money and compensation of losses and reparations, and the formation of a central commission of inquiry to investigate the facts and to determine the losses.

The agreement approved the holding of a comprehensive conference involving the three eastern states of the country with the participation of wise civil administration and central government officials to hold a comprehensive reconciliation in the region, which includes the states of the “Red Sea, Kassala and Gedaref.”

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