Decision on Collection of Firearms in Red Sea State Issued

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The caretaker Wali  of Red Sea State, Maj. Gen. Hafiz Al-Taj  issued a decision  on  collecting licensed  and unlicensed  weapons  in the  State.

The decision calls  all  citizens of the Red Sea State  who possess weapons to turn them  over to  the concerned authorities(police) within 72 hours  as of September 1 , 2019.

 It noted that  the licensed weapons would be given back to  his owner once the security situations become stable  while  the unlicensed ones would be confiscated without punishing its owner in case of  voluntary hand-over  of the licensed and unlicensed weapons  within the  period mentioned  in the decision.

 The decision  considers  any person possesses licensed  and unlicensed weapons  or conceal it  after  the  expiry of  the mentioned period  violating the emergency order  No.(2) for year 2019 and would be punished  by penalties  issued according  this order.

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