Mohamed Sayed Ahmed "Jakumi"

Juba’s meetings are different this time: Jakumi

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The leading figure in the Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) Mohamed Sayed Ahmed “Jakumi” said that the meetings held in the southern sudanese capital “Juba” are different from any previous ones did not succeed, noting that there is a strong desire now to complete the peace process through discussing the basic issues led to the outbreak of war and fighting.

“The Revolutionary Front is one of the founders of the Alliance of Freedom and Change Forces (FFC) and December revolution has been hijacked by some of the FFC’s components, despite this, we will not leave the FFC coalition and remain committed to our membership.

He said that their main concern was to eliminate the causes of war and conflicts, eliminate marginalization and address the issues of displaced people and refugees”, Jakumi said in a press statement.

Jacoumi expressed optimism about the current round of negotiations and expected to lead to radical solutions to the issues of conflict.

Source: Taseti News


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