Minister of Industry and Trade, Madani Abbas Madani

Khartoum to host World Conference on Gum Arabic in October

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Minister of Industry and Trade, Madani Abbas Madani, has announced on Wednesday that the coming World Conference on Gum Arabic will be held in Khartoum on 30 October under the auspices of UNCTAD with international, African and local participation.

Madani stressed during the regular meeting of the steering committee of the conference the importance of holding such conference, which is the second of its kind for the United Nations in Sudan since independence.

He added that the conference is an opportunity to redefine Sudan differently as country linked to production and development.

He commended the steps taken by the High Committee and the sub-committees in preparing for the conference, noting that the committees have started their work since January 2019 and completed their preparations well.

He said: The ministry of Industry is looking forward to attract large number of countries from the whole world to participate in the conference and to redefine Sudan in a new way, saying “New Sudan linked to development and production, which we all dream of.”


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