SPLM-North-chairman, Malik Agar at the moment of signing / Sky News

Sudan’s transitional government, armed movements sign peace deal

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The Sudanese government and the armed movements on “Wednesday” have signed an Agreement on the Declaration of Principles, in the presence of the minister of presidency of South Sudan.

The Agreement on the Declaration of Principles announced on Tuesday between the Sudanese government and the armed movements under the umbrella of the Revolutionary Front and other armed movements represents a qualitative leap towards stopping the war and bringing peace to post-Bashir Sudan.

The Sudanese parties, through the mediation of the President of South Sudan, succeeded in agreeing on a road map that would pave the way for the negotiation process, after two days of negotiations started with the arrival of the delegation from the sovereign transitional council to Juba.

Earlier on Tuesday, the security adviser to South Sudan President Tut Gulwak, has announced a comprehensive agreement between transitional government in Sudan and the armed movements in Juba.

Source: Sky News


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