Ethiopian renaissance dam

Egypt says no ‘breakthrough’ with Ethiopia over Renaissance Dam

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Egypt says negotiations over grand Ethiopian renaissance dam Project being built by Ethiopia have not led to any “breakthrough.”

Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry told reporters that talks over the $5 billion Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam have stopped for more than a year before restarting in Cairo on Sunday.

The long-running dispute centers on the filling and operation of what will be Africa’s largest hydroelectric dam.

Shoukry says he hopes that Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia can agree a timetable to reach a deal over the soon-to-be-completed dam.

Egypt fears the dam could reduce its share of the Nile River which serves as a lifeline for the country’s 100 million people. Ethiopian maintains that the dam will help its development.

Shoukry says his county “respects Ethiopia’s right to development” but “without affecting Egypt.”

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