SCP and SLM announce continuation of protest

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The Communist Party and the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army (SLM/A), led by Abdel Wahed Mohamed Nour, have agreed on the need to continue the mass moving by holding political seminars, vigils, demonstrations, political sit-ins and strikes as well as civil disobedience.

The two sides also agreed on the necessity of restructuring the country’s institutions, especially the armed forces, the security services and the police, according to new national bases. They called for dissolving the former ruling party (National Congress Party) and confiscating all its property and assets.

They stressed the importance of paying individual and collective reparations to the victims of war and victims of the genocide that took place within the regime’s policies. They also demanded the return of displaced persons to their villages as well as the return of new settlers existing on Darfur territory to their origin countries.

Source: Middle East Monitor

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