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EU promised to recover Sudan’s funds abroad, says FFC

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A member of the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC), Amin Saad, said that the European Union pledged to help Sudan in recovering the smuggled funds deposited by officials of the former regime in foreign banks.

In a press statements to (Al-arabia), saad said that the EU ambassador in Khartoum pledged to help the Sudanese government in providing information about the looted funds deposited outside the country, and how to recover from European countries and others such as Turkey, Malaysia and others.

He pointed out that the most of oil revenues, which was exported in the late nineties to the secession of the south was not deposited in the Central Bank, calling on all Sudanese citizens, inside and outside the country, to provide any information about the corruption of the former regime.

In the same context, Minister of Justice Nasr al-Din Abdel-Bari said that the ministry has recently started work on several files, and it takes some time to announce what needs to be done about the money looted by the leaders of the ousted regime of President Omar al-Bashir and other issues.

The leader of the forces of freedom and change, Mohamed Esmat, a prominent employee of the Central Bank announced that the forces of freedom and change have documented information about the presence of nearly $ 64 billion of Sudanese money looted in Malaysia, along with funds, assets and deposits in other countries such as Turkey, Brazil, East Asia and Switzerland, Their value is now being ascertained.

Source: Al-arabia

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