Human Rights Commission press conference

Human Rights body accuses TMC of being envolved in the massacre of the sit-in

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Sudan’s Human Rights Commission has made a report in which revealed that armed men wear uniforms of police and paramilitary Rapid Support Force have used excessive violence against protesters at the sit-in site outside the army headquarters on June 3, adding that they collected enough information and evidences to charge the officers who ordered to break up the sit-in by force.

Human Rights Commission chairman Houria Abdel Mohsen said in a press conference that Human Rights Commission had seen many pictures and videos showing officers in military uniforms carring weapons at the medical city of Bashir then live ammunition were heard and a large number of protesters fall, others wounded blood was every where and others were taken to the hospitals.

Sudanese police records show 85 people were killed in a crackdown on protesters in June, the country’s Human Rights Commission said on Tuesday.

She pointed out that on 8th of Ramadan, protesters and officers from armed forces and rapid support forces were killed by unknown gunmen, where the Commission warned that the sit in is a legal right according to the Constitution and international laws, saying that the Transitional Military Council (TMC) should not have used excessive violence to break up the sit-in.

She said shutting down the internet had led to chaos and lack of information, noting that the Commission had called on the victims and citizens to at least file complaints but no one responded.

Houria revealed 16 cases of sexual violence and sexual repression and 9 cases of rape.



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