Leader of Darfur's Sudan Liberation Movement, Abd al-Wahid al-Nur

The protests continue in Nyala

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Protests in the capital of South Darfur state (Nyala) continue for the third day due to lack of commodity and lack of transportation, while the Sovereign Council has decided to hold its meeting there to assess the damage and work to defuse the crisis.

The Sudan Liberation Army led by Abd al-Wahid al-Nur (SLA/AW) has condemned the use of violence by the security forces against the peaceful protesters in the city of Nyala, who took to the streets due to the deterioration of living conditions, worsening bread and fuel crises and lack of transportation.

The SLA/AW said in a statement obtained by “Sudan Daily” that the authorities faced protesters with excessive violence and fired bullets and tear gas, which led to a number of injuries.

The movement demanded the dismissal and try of the governor of South Darfur for issuing orders to government militias to suppress and kill the peaceful demonstrators and unarmed civilians in Gereida and Marshing and other parts of the state.

The governor of the state has denied any injuries of live bullets, stressing During an interview Monday, that situation returned to normal, revealing the arrival of “10,000” of Wheat sacks will lead to solve the crisis.


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