, Lt.General, Shamseddin Kabashi/ Akhbar alsudan

A major restructuring will be witnessed by the armed forces: al-Kabbashi

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Lt. Gen. Shamsedddin al-Kabbashi, Sovereign Council member, said that peace is a priority for the country’s transition.

According to (Alsudani) newspaper on Wednesday, al-Kabbashi explained that the negotiations with the armed movements in Juba reached the need to reach a comprehensive peace with all armed movements within six months.

He stressed the need to face the threats facing the country, and the need to join efforts to overcome them.

He revealed the process of development witnessed by the armed forces by changing the structure of the high command and the establishment of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, and the formation of the Security Council and Defense as a joint council between the Sovereign Councils and Council of Ministers.

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