Sudanese army spokesman Amer Mohammed Al-Hassan

Sudanese army accuses SLM/AW of violating ceasefire agreement

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The Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) on Sunday accused the Sudan Liberation Movement led by Abdel Wahed Nour (SLM/AW) of violating ceasefire agreement despite confidence-building measures which paving the way for a comprehensive peace.

The army spokesman Amer Mohammed Al-Hassan said in a press statement that Abdel Wahed’s forces carried out two attacks during the 17th and 18th of October on the Sudanese army sites in the area of “​​Probas” 8 km northeast of “Kara” in the direction of (basement) and that the armed forces responded by exchanging fire.

On October 18, 2019, forces of Abdul Wahid Mohammed Noor attacked the area of ​​Kadner, east of Jebel Marra, but the government forces exchanged fire without causing significant losses. ”

The spokesman pointed out that the armed forces worked in various ways to cease fire and secure the situation in areas of contact with the armed movements.

He pointed out that the army provided good intentions to achieve peace by releasing 21 war prisoners from Abdel Wahed Nour’s Movement last Saturday.

“However, all these efforts were not taken into consideration and were met with steps reflecting a hostile spirit that is incompatible with the aspirations and wishes of the Sudanese people.”

“The continuation of these hostilities does not create a climate of stability and peace.”

“We affirm the ability of the armed forces to respond strongly to violations committed against its forces, whatever their size or timing, and the vigilance of their personnel will miss the opportunity to aggression in all its forms.”


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