Omar al-Digair

Peace must be achieved, says al-Digair

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The member in Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) and the chairman of the Sudanese Congress Party (SCP), Omar al-Digair asserted that the most important challenge during the transitional period is to achieve peace, noting that without peace it is impossible to overcome other challenges of democratization and achieve economic reform.

According to “SUNA”, al-Digair said that the recent events in Juba are a positive development with regard to procedural aspects in the cause of peace, that it was agreed on the negotiating paths and files in addition to the signing of a joint declaration to stop hostilities.

He stressed the importance of peace talks to stop hostilities and security arrangements, affirming that that peace can be achieved only by sincerely and courageously addressing the causes of war through a comprehensive and just political solution produced by a collective national mind that ends the reality of exclusion, marginalization and imbalance of development in order to build the State of citizenship and law on the foundations of freedom, peace and justice.

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