Dr. Mohammed Al-Nair

U.S resume support for humanitarian aid in Sudan

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Dr. Mohammed Al-Nair, an economist, described the recent aid received from USAID as a step towards normalizing Sudanese-US relations, pointing out that US support stopped for a quarter of a century after the US State Department included Sudan in its list of state sponsors of terrorism in 1993.

Al-Nair stressed that the resumption of aid is the beginning and indication of the international community’s response to Sudan after its popular revolution and the formation of a transitional government to reach democratic legitimacy.He called on the United States to accelerate the process of removing Sudan from the list of state sponsors of terrorism in order to benefit from receiving financial aid and debt relief.

The contribution provide to United Nations World Food Program (WFP) aims to support 2.2 million people across the country, according to a statement issued by the (WFP) in Khartoum.

The United States has resumed its support for the growing humanitarian needs in Sudan with the arrival of the first shipment of humanitarian food supplies to Port Sudan yesterday by USAID through its Food for Peace office.

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