Achieving peace is esstential, says Undersecretary of Ministry of Social Development

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Undersecretary of Ministry of Social  Development  and representative  of  the Governor of  Khartoum State , Dr Mutasim Hashim underscored the need to achieve peace in the country during  the interim period as it comes out at the top of the priority of the transitional government, praising  the support of traders  of Sooq (market) Libya  and Abuzaid  to the civilians in South Kordufan.

“Sooq Libya represents immense cultural and economic intermingling and social peace, Dr Mutasim said while he was addressing peace and development convoys set to be dispatched to South Kordufan launched at Sooq Libya Thursday.

He called on the Resistance Committees at Sooq Libya to work in harmony for maintaining stability, social development and peace

The Undersecretary commended the partners working with the Sudan on peace realization, particularly South Sudan for hosting talks between the government and the Armed Struggle Movements.

Representatives of Sooq Libya traders and Resistance Committees Affirmed for their limitless support to peace as strategic option by the steering committees in the various states of the country.

They pointed out that the convoys prepared to be dispatched to South Kordufan would provide assistance, including food stuff, medicinal supplies and shelters to over 1,000 families.

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