The member of the S.P.A, Mohamed Nagy al-Asam

Al-Asam accuses Hemetti of luring the resistance committees

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The Sudanese Professionals Association (S.P.A), has accused General Mohamed Hamdan Daglo “Hemetti”, the member of the Sovereignty Council and other parties of trying to attract and lure the resistance committees, and confirmed his rejection of these attempts.

The member of the S.P.A, Mohamed Nagy al-Asam, said in a press conference on Monday that Hemetti and intelligence chief Abu Bakr Dumblab’s meeting with the resistance committees was form of luring.

He explained that the resistance committees were not know about this meeting, and stressed their refusal to these attempts, noting that partisan interventions have damaged the unity of these committees.

He added: “We shared power with the military component in accordance to the constitutional declaration, but this sharing has limits.” He announced their intention to submit the issue to the civilians component of the sovereign council on what was done, and to identify the purpose of this meeting.

Al-Asam revealed attempts of some external parties to fund the resistance committees in order to distract them from their tasks, and announced their rejection of such attempts, and said that the Association and the committees are one entity.

He stressed the need for the independence of the resistance committees and their dependence on internal funding.

Source: Baj News



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