Ayesha during her meeting with the Director of the Sudanese Sugar Company

Ayesha Informed on performance of Sudanese sugar company

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Member of the Sovereign Council Ayesha Musa Al-Saeed has directed the Sudan Sugar Company to give concern to situations of workers at sugar companies in the country and revising their wages.

At the republican palace Wednesday the Director-general of the Sudanese Sugar Company, Saif-Eddin Sulieman, briefed the Member of the Sovereign Council Ayesha on performance of the Sudan Sugar Company and beginning of the production season 2019-2020 which  was launched at Al-Genaid Sugar Factory.

Director-General of Sudan Sugar Company said in a press statement  that the member of the Sovereign Council gave special concern with the predicted prices of the products of this season, pointing out that  prices have not yet determined because it depend on the final costs in the 2020 budget.

He added that the meeting reviewed challenges facing the Company representing in customs exemption and subsidizing fuels used by factories.

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