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Hamdouk’s visit to Brussels achieved economic gains: Finance

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An official at the Ministry of Finance confirmed the participation of the European Union in Sudan Friends Conference in Khartoum next December, saying the Prime Minister’s visit to Brussels achieved economic and political gains.

Mekki Mirghani Osman, Undersecretary of Planning at the Ministry of Finance, said that the EU will send a senior figure to attend the conference in which Sudan presents its needs for the transitional period, mainly financing the population census project, which cost $ 150 million and needs large number of donors.

He stressed the restructuring the ways of supporting the commodity, through transfering it to cash goes directly to the entitled persons through a card, stressing at the same time they will continue the same way of supporting until finding an alternative.

Merghani, in a study carried out by his ministry to determine the level of poverty and the number of poor people, in order to achieve the objectives of the revolution in social justice, he said that fighting corruption is a top priority of the transitional government.

He attributed the instability of the exchange rate, for unreal reasons, including the tendency of the rich people to buy foreign currencies to keep their money.

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