The seized fuel

RSF seize fuel about to be smuggled to a neighboring country

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The Intelligence of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in Central Darfur State seized two trucks loaded with more than ninety barrels of benzene and gasoline at Bendasi, southern the state on their way to a  neighboring country.

Head of the RSF Intelligence, Maj. Col. Hassan Harran Hassan  warned those who smuggle strategic commodities of consequences  of such criminal acts which damage the national economy, urging  citizens to inform authorities of any cases of smuggling or conduct  that undermine economy, security and stability of the country.

He underlined that the RSF would remain vigilant over protection of people’s rights and gains, referring to huge role being carried out by RSF in Darfur States and other bordering states in securing the borders and combating human trafficking, illegal migration and smuggling of goods and strategic commodities.

Source: SUNA



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