Hamdok calls for national plan to overcome challenges in Port Sudan

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Prime Minister Dr Abdalla Hamdok has commended wisdom of leaders of native administration in the Red Sea State and  competence of state government in overcoming incidents the Port Sudan city has seen recently.

Chairing meeting of government of the Red Sea State in the presence of Wali of the State Maj. Gen. Hafiz Al-Taj on Thursday, the Prime Minister said Red Sea State is the main Sudan gate and that it should dealt with in strategic way .

He added, there should be a national project incorporating all challenges of this state so as to be addressed by the federal  government.

The Prime Minister heard during the meeting a briefing from a number of ministers of state government about plans and programs of the government during the coming period and the projects set to be  executed by the government in areas of electricity, water, health, education, roads and agriculture.

Wali of the Red Sea State indicated to poor of service provision in the state, disclosing that absence of development and spread of unemployment amidst youth were the key reasons behind occurrence of some frictions in the State now and then.

Source: SUNA



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