Hamdouk at the workshop

We would not cut subsidies on commodities without the consent of the people, says Hamdok

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Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdouk stressed that the high prices and the deteriorating living conditions are challenges facing his government, especially the issue of subsidizing goods.

He pointed to deep and extensive dialogues on subsidizing with the participation of many sectors, in which the choice is up to the people of Sudan.

Addressing the opening session of the Transition Priorities Program, organized by the Forces of Freedom and Change, at the Friendship Hall (Sunday), he explained that the priorities of the Transitional Government are, fight corruption, adhere to the principle of transparency and accountability, restore looted funds, promote public and private freedoms, and promote human rights.

Hamdok also stated that his government is also working on restructuring the state, adopting a balanced foreign policy that serves the interests of Sudan, promoting welfare and social development and preserving the environment, focusing on health, education, infrastructure and productive sectors, and enhancing the role of youth of both sexes and expanding their opportunities in all fields in order to accomplish the tasks of democratization by holding the Constitutional Convention and then elections.



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