Agricultural Bank pays 1.3 billion pounds for wheat purchase

The Acting Director of the Agricultural Bank, Gezira Sector, Dhu-Al-Kifl Ahmed Al-Amin has revealed the receipt of 2 million sacks of wheat from the farmers in the Gezira Scheme, including 1,162,000 sacks as a surplus production. Al-Amin announced, in a statement to SUNA, that the total payment of surplus wheat production up to date amounted to 1.3 billion pounds and ...

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Consumer goods prices have fallen in Khartoum markets

Prices of a number of essential consumer goods have fallen in Khartoum markets. A number of traders said that the decline included the prices of edible oil and rice, stating that the price of bean oil (36) liters fell to about (980) pounds, instead of (1100) pounds, while the price of rice declined to (45) pounds, instead of (55) pounds ...

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The ousted regime export only 7 commodities out of 99

An investigation revealed that the ousted regime was exporting only 7 items out of 99 commodities registered at the Ministry of Commerce. The gap between exports and imports widened to $ 6 billion, with an import cost of $ 9 billion and export revenues of $ 3 billion, according to the investigation made by (Alintibaha) newspaper.

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