Sudan junta and opposition sign power-sharing document

The ruling military council and the opposition Forces for Freedom and Change have reached an agreement on the Political Declaration for the transitional period as they will continue talks on the disputed constitutional during the week. The deal which has been endorsed in the first hours of Wednesday will be initialled during the day, as the final signing will take ...

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Robbing Ministry of Information by two employees

Khartoum police arrested two people accused of burglary of the Ministry of Information, stealing 850 thousand pounds “salaries of ministry employees.” Police sources said, according to (Alintibaha) newspaper that one of the defendants was a security and insurance officer, and the other one was file management worker in the ministry.

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Three bodies found in Omdurman

Three youths’ bodies were found, opposite the University of the Holy Quran and Islamic Sciences, Omdurman, according to press sources. The sources said, according to “Akhbar Alsudan” newspaper, that the bodies were thrown by an unidentified vehicle, this morning (Monday), which are likely to have died during the protests yesterday. Source: Akhbar alsudan

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