Joint talks between the Sudanese and Turkish parliaments

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Assembly, headed by Mohammed Al-Mukhtar, held a joint session with the Turkish parliamentary delegation currently visiting the country, headed by Ambassador Volkan Buzkir, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Turkish Parliament.

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Tripartite committee to pay salaries of diplomats

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Dardiri Mohammed Ahmed, announced the formation of a tripartite committee to address the crisis of financial dues for diplomats abroad, as the committee will meet today (Tuesday). Meanwhile, a diplomat who requested anonymity said that some embassies didn’t get their salaries for three months, noting that salaries of seven months weren’t paid to the ...

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Parties tend to sue the National Congress

Some of the parties participating in the parliament (National Assembly) and in the national dialogue, intending to sue the National Congress Party (NCP) against the backdrop of the statements of leaders Ali Osman and AlFathih Izz Aldeen, that angered many, according to “Altyyar” newspaper. The sources said that the political forces will submit a formal complaint to the Political Parties ...

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