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Peace must be achieved, says al-Digair

The member in Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) and the chairman of the Sudanese Congress Party (SCP), Omar al-Digair asserted that the most important challenge during the transitional period is to achieve peace, noting that without peace it is impossible to overcome other challenges of democratization and achieve economic reform.

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Some sides trying to defame Omar al-Digair: SCP

The Sudanese Congress Party (SCP) accused some sides belongs to  the alliance of Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC), that he did not name, trying to defame prominent figures in the (SCP) by promoting and spreading rumors and lies. The vice president of the (SCP), Khalid Omar, said that there were those who targeted the party leader Omar al- Digair, ...

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We will accord with Military Council soon: al-Dugair

A senior leader in the Freedom and Change forces, which is leading the revolutionary movement, Omar al- Digair, expressed his optimism to reach an accord with the Transitional Military Council, at an early date, stressing the existence of disagreements with the “Military Council”, but it is “not complicated.” Digair, the head of Sudanese Congress Party, said that the only disagreement ...

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