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You may have already figured out by now that high school student resumes are a lot different than college or university resumes. The reason why is because high school students haven’t yet graduated from college or university and so their resumes must be constructed in a manner that can effectively capture the attention of employers. Employers do look for resumes with some degree of personalization, as they recognize that it indicates the high school student was able to persevere and took the time to really consider the employer’s needs and job specifications. In order to create a high school student resume template, the first thing you need to do is get your high school student a template in the same way you would get a college or university template. These types of templates usually come in Word or Microsoft Word formats, and Word is probably the easiest program to use since all you have to do is open the document and simply type in the information required.

High school student resumes also tend to be rather brief. Usually a maximum of two pages are allowed. That might not seem like a lot of space, but when you are talking about high school student resumes, particularly those covering a position such as an editor or reporter, that’s not very much space at all. You want to be able to display your best qualities immediately – by writing a two-page resume, you can do that.

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When you’re compiling a high school student resume template, the font style you use will be determined by the discipline the student graduated in. For example, if your high school student graduated in English, use a Times New Roman or Arial font. These styles are considered professional and will attract the type of employer that typically fills your job positions. If your high school student graduated in math, use a Math font. Remember to use a typeface that’s not too busy – a four-liner is far too difficult to read for an employer. So choose your fonts carefully.

Avoid using any fancy fonts or decorative graphics. Employers won’t pay any attention to your high school student resume if they can’t see your resume. The font alone is their window into your personality. If you’re unable to choose a font yourself, there are plenty of options out there. Consider using a computer based resume layout software, or getting a free template from an online source.

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Your high school student resume should reflect who you are as a person. Think about this when you’re assembling your resume. Do you want to emphasize your leadership skills? Do you have any specific talents that could bring value to the job? High school graduates should consider using a special version of Microsoft Word to format their resumes. This software has built in highlighting features that make editing your resume a snap.

If you have access to a high school student resume template online, take advantage of its customization features. Many template providers allow you to customize various aspects of the template, such as the size of your resume and the style with which you list your achievements. You can also use colors and other graphics to customize your resume to your own specifications. These features will make your high school student resume look like a professional creation.

High School Student Resume With No Work Experience Template Free

If you have access to a high school student resume template with clip art, you may want to use it to customize your resume. Most template providers offer plenty of attractive images that you can use to modify your resume in this manner. Since most high school students specialize in one or two areas, it may not be necessary to have all images related to that area on your resume. You can select the best pictures to illustrate your specific skills or experience and then modify the rest of the resume to better fit your specifications.

When you are finished customizing your high school student resume, you should test to make sure that your text is easy to read. There are many fonts to choose from, including Arial, Helvetica, and Palatino Linotype. It is not a good idea, however, to use these types of fonts if your resume is to be used for a job with the US Department of Education or other federal agencies. Using standard fonts will make your resume look more uniform and professional-looking. Customizing your high school student resume so that it fits your particular needs will ensure that you present yourself in the best possible light when you apply for jobs with these agencies.

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