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Newspaper Article Format For Students

Microsoft Word is the most widely used word processor in the world and with great reason. It can save you a lot of time when creating documents, track changes instantly, store information in multiple databases, and even export data from different applications. If you’re looking to create a newspaper article, here are the steps you’ll need to take to get started.

First of all decide on what kind of article you’d like to write. There are thousands of styles, templates, and formats that can help you save time. There’s no need to spend hours looking for just the right format. If you know what you want to say, just plug it into MS Word and move forward. If you don’t, you’ll always have an option of creating the article in a different program such as Open Office or Apple’s Numbers.

Newspaper Article Template Google Docs

Once you’ve created the document, save it to your desktop. Depending on how you use Word, this might be done by clicking “My Document” at the bottom-left corner of the application or by clicking “My Computer” on the main menu. Next, choose the location on your computer where you want to save your document. For example, if you choose “My Document” it will show up on the General tab in the menu. You can also drag and drop files from My Documents onto the appropriate location in Word.

To begin writing the article, you’ll need to select the template that you want to use. Most article templates allow you to enter a title, insert an article body, insert a picture and/or a link to a website where you’d like additional information about the article. If you would like to customize the template, just modify the text boxes and the properties of the controls. Once you’ve done so, you can preview the changes in the editor. Changes will not be saved until you save the document.

Newspaper Article Template Pdf

Using the section of Microsoft Word (not PowerPoint), you can add photographs, charts, photos, clip art, headings, bullet points, and other formatting items. If you’d like to create a table of contents, you can do so by selecting “Create Table of Content” under the “Edit” menu. Microsoft Word will prompt you to type a name for the resulting document. Enter a meaningful name that will describe the resulting document. This name is only used by Microsoft Word and any subsequent applications.

When finished with the article, you can print or copy the finished document to a single sheet of letter-size paper. Use the Print button to print off the final copy. You will want to duplicate this document and then open a new file, not a PDF. Select the newly created document in Microsoft Word, under “Templates” located on the Programs folder.

Newspaper Article Template For Students Google Docs

When using a newspaper article template in Microsoft Word, it’s important to remember to place the article titles at the top of each line. Following the titles are the article body, which consists of the highlighted text. Finally, there should be a bottom part that contains the Copyright information.

In a few minutes, you’ll have a great looking document that’s ready for presentation. Just be sure to save all of your work as a PDF before you begin with the presentation. That way, if you make any mistakes during the presentation, you can always go back and fix them. You also want to save your original document and keep all of your references to hand for future reference.

Newspaper Article Template Word Free Download

To actually create your article, open Microsoft Word and choose “Pages”. You’ll see a blank document. Now, you want to select “New” and then “New Article”.

Within the document, choose the style you prefer and then write your article. Be sure to leave room for the endnotes, footnotes, bibliography, and other details at the end of the document. When complete, save it as a PDF?

Newspaper templates are very easy to use. With just a bit of searching and clicking, you can create your own masterpiece adhering to professional style. These templates are available online, and Microsoft Word itself offers several templates you can use. All you need is a bit of creativity and some patience.

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