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It’s not very often that I get to read about people who need a newspaper obituary template. Usually when a friend of mine dies, I’m called on to write a piece about his life and legacy. Quite often it’s a heart-wrenching event. Sometimes I have a difficult time remembering all the good memories we shared together.

It’s never easy to write a funeral tribute. That’s why you need help from a professional. You don’t want to end up doing a poor job because you’re just not that talented. If you don’t have the skills required, there are plenty of resources for templates. I recommend Microsoft Word, as it is the most commonly used word processor on the computer. Most people will have no problem recognizing the basic formats and symbols used in a funeral service.

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Before you begin, you’ll want to sit down and make a list of the items you’d like to include in your funeral tribute. If you aren’t sure what those items are, go to the Microsoft Office Online and search for templates. There are thousands of templates available. You can use a newspaper obituary template or a template created specifically for the funeral or memorial service. You can also find templates created for a wide variety of occasions, such as a wedding, birth, holiday, class reunion, etc.

When you are finished putting together your newspaper obituary template, make sure you save the file to a safe location. I recommend keeping it on your desktop so that you can access it easily from any computer. Often you can print out the template and paste it onto a single page of letter paper, flyer, or funeral program paper at your convenience. It’s a pain to have to do this many times.

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Now that you have your template, it’s time to start working on it. Firstly, you need to select the images you’d like to include. Again, you can browse Microsoft Office Online and find hundreds of templates that already have graphics included. You may need to customize some of them with photos you’ve taken yourself or the deceased’s co-workers or friends. If you don’t have any graphics software installed, you can use Microsoft Paint or Illustrator to do this.

If you’re not comfortable with creating the graphics yourself, there are many sites on the Internet where you can purchase a pre-made obituary template. The cost is reasonable and often well worth the investment. You can find many templates that have already been designed by the company who sells the template.

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Another way to create your newspaper obituary template is to buy a template and then modify it to suit your needs. Many businesses sell templates for a reasonable price. You might be able to find a pre-made template at your local office supply store. If not, you’ll probably be able to find one online at a good price.

Whatever method you choose to create your newspaper obituary template, make sure that it includes the important aspects of your loved one’s life. Include all of their hobbies and interests, favorite movies, music, books, and television shows. Remember to include anything that has been written about them in their obituaries or in other places. The more information you include, the more personal it will feel. It won’t feel like your grandmother when you read her obituary – it should feel like a living, breathing person.

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Your deceased loved one’s photo should be in the front of your template. Include this because it will give everyone at the funeral home and the guests at the memorial service a visual reminder of their deceased loved one. People will often remember her by her face – so have her in a photo for everyone to see. This will also show them what type of person she was, and hopefully she lived life to the fullest, enjoying all of her achievements and accomplishments.

Including any awards or honors your deceased loved one earned is also important. When you write your obituary, make sure to mention any awards or honors that were achieved by your deceased. Many times, people who are remembered for an accomplishment that they never achieved can be an overlooked component of their profile. Including awards or honors will bring life to your template and tell people that your deceased had a wide range of achievements in her life.

Finally, you need to include any photographs or videos that were taken by the media. If you have the footage or photos to back up your newspaper obituary template, it will be easier to insert them into the text. The more detail included, the more important this part of the template is to your newspaper obituary template. Take your time to make sure that everything is right.

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