Photoshop Birthday Card Template Psd

Adobe Photoshop Birthday Card Template

Looking for a Photoshop Birthday Card template? Creating custom cards can be a lot of fun and creating one from scratch is even more fun. You can find many free photo editing templates on the internet but I would not use them if you are a beginner. Using a free template will limit your creativity because there are so many different elements to the template that it makes it impossible to create something unique.

If you’re not comfortable with photo editing software then I suggest you go out and get yourself a Photoshop template. A template is like a sketch in clay – you can do anything you want on it. It’s very difficult to make a completely original card without it being cut from the real photo. Most Photoshop users will never have to worry about this. But if you want to make something truly unique, then the template method is your best option.

Free Photoshop Birthday Invitation Card Template

What can you do with a Photoshop birthday card template? Well you could actually print it out and laminate it, or you could actually put it to paper and draw or color it by hand. You really could create your own masterpiece this way. The only thing holding you back in this case is your limited art skills, unless you are extremely good at drawing.

Another option is to use a pre-made template, which is what I normally do. When you download these templates they have all sorts of different elements in them, like hearts, roses, words, etc. Then you just pick the ones you want to use for your Photoshop birthday card. Then you fill in the details, such as your message, and put it in the envelope. Print it out and laminate it for a lovely touch.

Photoshop Birthday Card Design Tutorials

But the best way to make your own is by using a digital camera. It’s a lot easier than trying to work from a template, because you can simply take your own photo and put it onto your template. You could also use your computer or your phone’s camera if you want. With a digital camera you have more control over what you put on your card.

First you want to open your digital camera or whatever you will be working on. You want to take a picture of your card, because the template will be able to show the outline of your card. Next you want to transfer the picture to your computer. Most software that you can download for free has card conversion software, so you shouldn’t have any problems doing this.

Free Photoshop Birthday Invitation Card Template

Once you have transferred the photo onto your computer, then all you need to do is open up your Photoshop birthday card template psd file. Use the pen tool to add the text. Be sure to place the text on top of your card so that it is hidden when you send it in the mail. If you are unsure about where to place the text, then just try to place it where is easiest to see. Remember that you can always change your card later on if you feel like you aren’t happy with it.

If you are creating the card for someone else, then you can use a program such as Dream Weaver to quickly create – or save – your card. Dream Weaver is free, so it shouldn’t cost you anything to create – or save – your own Photoshop birthday card. It will let you use colors and shapes to make your card unique and even allows you to choose an image to use as the background of your card. You can even use different fonts and a variety of different styles to create a unique card.

Photoshop Birthday Invitation Card

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